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ChemComplete was a YouTube channel developed in 2014 to bring about a free online learning environment outside the classroom. As a former professor, I found an astounding number of students who struggled with traditional classroom lecturing and professors who are too out of touch with how to teach chemistry content. After several years of teaching organic chemistry I exited the traditional higher education career track to pursue my own mission.


Today college campus administration has bloated to a point where college tuition outpaces inflation and burdens students with excessive debt to be sent to schools where underpaid  and overworked adjunct professors make up the bulk of the teaching community. The goal of ChemComplete is to harness the power of the internet and provide you with a free online education that will be far superior to anything you will get inside the classroom. We want you to excel in your courses and get out with high grades the first time you take a course. Welcome and enjoy learning! 

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Matthew Tomney
Founder of ChemComplete
Former Professor

Hey guys, welcome to the site! If you have been around our Youtube community you know me well. I am a former professor with hundreds of hours teaching general and organic chemistry from small community colleges up to major university lecture halls. While credentials are great and all, I always encourage everyone to just start watching the material they struggle with. The result will speak for itself. I hope to hear from you!

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